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"Yoga possesses a multitude of benefits – in the physical, mental and emotional sense – making it perfectly aligned with Westin’s holistic approach to healthy living."
"It is indeed an honor to be named one of the Westin® brand’s Well-Being Advocates in Asia Pacific," said Waka Nozawa, a renowned Japanese fashion model and Yoga Alliance yoga teacher. “Amid the hotels’ tranquil spaces and inspired wellness initiatives, we invite guests to come practice yoga with us, and discover a new dimension of well-being.”

On Staying Well - the Japanese Way

Waka Nozawa shows us that a holistic, healthful lifestyle is within reach, even for the busiest of us.
  • Sleep Well
    # 1 Bedtime Exercises
    The “legs-up-the-wall” pose helps put my active mind at ease before bedtime. To do this, prop your legs against the wall when lying flat on the ground.
  • Sleep Well
    # 2 Reflect on Your Day
    It’s very important to place yourself in a pleasant mood before you sleep, so I reflect on things for which I’m grateful for before going to bed.
  • Sleep Well
    # 3 Cotton For Comfort
    Choose cotton over satin bedsheets. Cotton draws moisture away and allows for air to circulate. On travel, I stay well-rested thanks to the signature ten-layer comfort of the Westin’s Heavenly Bed®.
  • Sleep Well
    # 4 The Right Pillow
    The Westin Tokyo has perfected the art of slumber with a choice of six pillow types. If you’re a side sleeper, go with a firm pillow for maximum neck support. Medium pillows suit back sleepers, while front sleepers would do well with a soft pillow to ease strain on the neck.
  • Eat Well
    # 1 Eat in Order
    The amount of food i take varies according to what my body tells me, I am also careful about the order in which I eat my meals.
  • Eat Well
    # 2 Start Out Right
    Morning is a time for elimination, so I get the right amounts of foods that are easy to digest. I start the morning with a cup of hot water then fruits or a smoothie containing enzymes. Breakfast for me is washoku (Japanese food) with mostly vegetables.
  • Eat Well
    # 3 Nourish at Midday
    For lunch I go for a nourishing meal rich in proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Eat Well
    # 4 Go Light for Dinner
    In the evening I'll choose a vegetable-rich, well-balanced meal.If I'm eating late, I make sure to consume easily digestible foods so my stomach can rest while I sleep.
  • Eat Well
    # 5 Take Your SuperFoodRXTM
    Japanese cuisine contains lots of SuperFoodsRx that have been around for ages, such as tofu and green tea. I make it a point to incorporate these nutrient-rich SuperFoodsRx into my diet.
  • Eat Well
    # 6 Stretch to Digest
    When I’ve eaten too much, I work in yoga poses that stretch the front of my thighs to aid in digestion.
  • Eat Well
    # 7 Thyme for Health
    Make space for thyme in your cooking. This wonder herb offers minerals necessary for a healthy heart rate, blood pressure and red blood cell formation. I recommend the dishes at The Westin Tokyo, flavored by herbs freshly picked from the garden.
  • Eat Well
    # 8 Power Your Brain
    To keep my memory and intellect sharp, I add brain foods to my diet. Fill your plate with salmon and walnuts to benefit from the omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Eat Well
    # 9 Fight Stress
    To improve my coordination and combat daily stress, I incorporate nuts, seeds, eggs and fish into my diet.
  • Eat Well
    # 10 Attain Youthful Skin
    To keep my skin youthful, I consume foods rich in vitamin C. It helps the body produce collagen to leave skin supple and resilient.
  • Eat Well
    # 11 Avoid Processed Foods
    To feel at my best, I try to avoid highly processed or refined foods. Try the Macrobiotic Menu at The Westin Nagoya Castle for its wholesome fare featuring whole grains and vegetables, minus the highly processed foods.
  • Eat Well
    # 12 Use A Flask
    I drink about 1.2 litres of water a day to help my body carry out its daily functions. It’s not always easy, so I fill a flask with the recommended intake for the day.
  • Eat Well
    # 13 Add Lemon to Water
    When it comes to beverages, water is the healthiest choice. I slip in a slice of lemon to add a refreshing, palatable zing.
  • Eat Well
    # 14 Lustrous Locks
    Strong healthy hair starts roots up. I feed my locks with protein rich foods such as salmon, dark green vegetables and beans.
  • Work Well
    # 1 Rejuvenate with Yoga
    Inverted poses where your head is upside-down send fresh blood and oxygen to the brain, clearing and refreshing your mind.
  • Work Well
    # 2 Meditate for Productivity
    To ensure I give my all when it comes to important work, I make sure to release the tension in my neck, and incorporate meditation to give my mind a rest.
  • Work Well
    # 3 Drink Up for Concentration
    Over 80% of your brain is water, which is why a lack of it can result in decreased concentration and alertness. I keep a bottle of water handy on my desk and in meetings.
  • Work Well
    # 4 Eat Out On the Road
    Eating out for lunch is a welcome respite from work. If I’m traveling on business, it gives me a great opportunity to try out the local cuisine. Ichimuan at The Westin Sendai serves up the freshest seasonal and local ingredients, all prepared in the traditional Japanese way.
  • Feel Well
    # 1 Look Within
    I always make it a point to stay in a pleasant mood. There’s always a lot going on in life, but I look for the happiness within myself at any given moment, and find the perspective to keep my spirits up.
  • Feel Well
    # 2 Meditate for Clarity
    I recommend meditation for clearing the mind, as well as Japanese zazen.
  • Feel Well
    # 3 Soak Away Stresses
    The baths in Japan are marvelous. No matter how busy I am, I find time to soak in a hot bath every day. The warm water washes the day’s stresses away.
  • Feel Well
    # 4 The Mood for Music
    Music can evoke certain associations and help your brain release dopamine that makes you feel good. When I’m feeling blue, I play songs from happy periods of my life to lift my spirits.
  • Feel Well
    # 5 Music for Productivity
    Music can also enhance your ability to recall information. I put on my favorite music when working to improve my productivity.
  • Feel Well
    # 6 Exfoliate for Glowing Skin
    I exfoliate with natural, homemade body scrubs like walnut shell powder or ground oatmeal, for glowing skin.
  • Feel Well
    # 7 Knead Tension Away
    Many diseases start off with stress. Knead tension and fatigue away with a pampering massage. The Shiatsu Massage at The Westin Osaka applies acupressure for a deeply therapeutic experience.
  • Feel Well
    # 8 Heal with Warming Ginger
    Headaches and a stiff neck can result from sitting long hours. If you’re staying at The Westin Nagoya Castle, ask for the much-raved Lymph Drainage Massage with Ginger Tea to warm and heal your hassled body.
  • Feel Well
    # 9 Healthy Skin DIY
    The humble kitchen offers more beauty essentials than you know. To soothe dry flaky skin, make an avocado and honey moisturising mask. Top with a green tea soaked mask to tone.
  • Play Well
    # 1 Go with the Seasons
    To make the most of Japan's four seasons, I enjoy viewing blossoms in spring, watching fireworks at the beach during summer, taking in the changing colors of autumn leaves, and soaking in hot springs during winter.
  • Play Well
    # 2 Beach Getaway
    My favorite leisure activity is surfing! I love the beach and will visit the ones in Japan and around the world. The sound of lapping waves and soft sand beneath my toes never fails to relax me at the end of a long day.
  • Play Well
    # 3 Bloom with Happiness
    Just being around flowers can improve your mood. If you have a garden, plant your favorite perennials. Otherwise, fresh blooms in the room can be just as comforting. The Westin Miyako Kyoto features several gardens designed by famous landscape architects Jihei Ogawa and Hakuyo Ogawa.
  • Play Well
    # 4 For the Little Ones
    When your kids play, they learn valuable skills for life. Let The Westin Awaji Island keep your kids busy with delightful activities like fruit picking.
  • Play Well
    # 5 Make Your Own Kite
    Watching a kite sail through the great expanse of azure blue can be a soothing experience. For extra satisfaction, find time to make your own kite on a weekend.
  • Play Well
    # 6 See Nature on Foot
    Hike when you travel. Apart from toning those muscles, the tough nature walk heightens your sensory awareness and gives you better sleep at night. If you’re staying at The Westin Awaji Island, be sure to check out the nearby Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park that boosts over 190 types of flora.
  • Move Well
    # 1 Connect with Yoga
    The right amount of exercise is important for modern people like us with busy minds to maintain mind-body balance. Yoga is proven to not just relieve anxiety, but also boost the ‘love hormone’ that makes you feel connected to others.
  • Move Well
    # 2 Listen to Your Body
    On top of my weekly studio yoga, I listen to my body and incorporate short yoga workouts that help my body and mind get back to its right balance.
  • Move Well
    # 3 Full Body Stretch
    As a guide, yoga poses that stretch your sides or open your chest can awaken your body. Try the Sun Salutation warm-up to stretch out your entire body.

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Top Model, acclaimed yoga instructor and Westin Well-Being Advocate
Renowned fashion model turned yoga enthusiast Waka Nozawa has helped elevate yoga’s popularity in Japan. More than 200 fans join in her Yoga festival segment annually, and her top-selling yoga program DVDs have enhanced the overall physical, mental and spiritual aspects of many in Japan with restoring their mind-body balance.

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