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“A healthy lifestyle helps enhance our physical and mental well-being for better work-life balance. I share the same approach to wellness as the Westin® brand, and I am honored to be one of their Well-Being Advocates in Asia Pacific. Staying at Westin for my travels helps me refresh and get back to my best self, and I hope to inspire more Westin guests and associates towards a balanced way of living.”

Find your inspiration through Liu Tao

Explore healthy living with Liu Tao, and discover your best self.

Attaining mind- body balance

Liu Tao radiates confidence, both on and off screen. Discover her approach of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.
  • Sleep Well
    # 1 Unwind with camomile
    Drink a hot cup of camomile tea before bedtime. This helps me relax my mind and tensed muscles and lulls me to sleep faster.
  • Sleep Well
    # 2 Curl up with a book
    Dim the room light before bedtime and read your favorite novel to relax.
  • Sleep Well
    # 3 Aromatherapy
    Light a white tea candle every night. The scent helps you to sleep better.
  • Sleep Well
    # 4 Family time
    I put my kids to bed. Telling them a bedtime story, singing their favourite childhood rhymes and seeing them fall asleep never fails to make me happy.
  • Sleep Well
    # 5 Keep a schedule
    Plan a regular sleep-wake schedule and maintain a stable biological clock for a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat Well
    # 1 Hydrate
    I always keep a bottle of water at work. Drinking sufficient water helps me to regain energy and realign my focus.
  • Eat Well
    # 2 Family meals
    When traveling, there are often limited food choices. I take time out for healthy meals with my kids and loved ones to enrich the body and soul.
  • Eat Well
    # 3 Balanced diet
    Always maintain a healthy, balanced diet, as it helps lay a solid foundation for work-life balance.
  • Eat Well
    # 4 Bring your own snacks
    When I’m traveling, I bring healthy snacks like fruits and nuts to curb my hunger pangs.
  • Eat Well
    # 5 Fruit water
    Add fruits such as lemon, citrus or plum to your drinking water. The ‘fruit water’ serves as a healthy substitute for sweet snacks.
  • Work Well
    # 1 Stay on schedule
    Plan to complete your work tasks within a stipulated amount of time. This “collective management” method helps me with being more efficient.
  • Work Well
    # 2 Tidy workspace
    Keeping your workspace tidy can help you generate and gather positive energy at work.
  • Work Well
    # 3 Take breaks
    Taking a break from a hectic work schedule can help you better cope with the workload and gain inspiration from a new perspective.
  • Work Well
    # 4 Concentrate
    “Focus – when I have multiple tasks to handle, I take on one task at a time, so I can give my best for each challenge.
  • Work Well
    # 5 Reward yourself
    Reward yourself upon completion of each task. This gives you greater motivation
  • Feel Well
    # 1 Meditate
    Set aside half an hour for daily meditation and reflection. This helps you find your balance to face the challenges ahead.
  • Feel Well
    # 2 Alone time
    During my travels, I will find a private place for some quiet ‘me-time’, such as a spa. I find this helps me restore my inner strength.
  • Feel Well
    # 3 Rejuvenate with music
    Travel with your favorite music playlist. Music helps you to relax, and also re-energizes your body and mind.
  • Feel Well
    # 4 Record your thoughts
    I keep a travel diary to jot down my inspirations and reflections. This keeps me attuned to my thoughts and inner self.
  • Feel Well
    # 5 Natural light
    Wake to natural light, to feel positive and ready to start your day. I always leave my curtains slightly open, so the morning rays can shine through.
  • Play Well
    # 1 Regular breaks
    Don't fill your day with work. Taking time out for fun and relaxation prepares you for the next challenge.
  • Play Well
    # 2 Family bonding
    Take a trip with your kids and explore the world together. It will be an unforgettable memory for them.
  • Play Well
    # 3 Quality time with family
    Take time out from your busy work schedule for your kids. Spending quality time with them is the best gift for them and yourself.
  • Play Well
    # 4 Adopt a new perspective
    Enjoy time spent with your kids. They can help you see the world from a new perspective.
  • Move Well
    # 1 On-the-spot workouts
    Find a way to exercise anywhere. Standing in front of the mirror and throwing some punches in the air instantly provides immense relief for me while filming.
  • Move Well
    # 2 Morning jogs
    Go for a morning jog while exploring a new destination. It helps me recover from travel fatigue, and you get to take in the local sights.
  • Move Well
    # 3 Enjoy fresh air
    Hike a mountain with your family on your travels. I find that the fresh air and company keeps everyone healthy and helps in bonding.
  • Move Well
    # 4 Hit the gym
    Take some time off your busy work schedule and fast-paced life to hit the gym. An hour of exercise will restore you to your best physical and mental well-being.
  • Move Well
    # 5 Start the day right
    As the saying goes, “a good start makes a good day”. Start your day with exercise to generate endorphins that put you in a good mood for the day.

About Liu Tao

Actress and Westin Well-Being Advocate
Liu Tao is currently at the peak of her career, from when she entered the entertainment industry 15 years ago. As a successful actress, dedicated wife and mother of two, Liu Tao attributes her success to her holistic approach to life. No matter how busy her schedule is, Liu Tao is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and exercise.
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