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India: A Lesson in Mindful Positivity

People who have visited India tell me the same thing:

“It’s a country of harsh extremes that you will either love or hate, but you’ll be sure to take something away with you.”

I couldn’t agree more.

One of the first people I saw was a well-dressed gentleman in a suit waiting to cross the road. Crouched on the pavement, by contrast was a woman in a sari. She looked almost elegant but probably had no access to a shower because her clothes were covered in dust and sand. Somehow, our eyes connected and she smiled. I was humbled by the fact she could still find it within herself, in the cold winter to smile at a total stranger passing by.

The beautiful Westin Gurgaon hotel I was staying at felt like another world away. The stark contrast made me appreciate the immaculate cleanliness and beautiful grounds of this hotel even more.

I turned in early, which was the best decision I could have made. When you sleep early, it’s easier to rise early, so I was up and feeling well rested after travelling. Leaving the comfort of my mattress I headed to the poolside for a bit of yoga. Even a few minutes of exercise can make a difference for the rest of the day.

I was now ready to start soaking up some of India’s historical gems. I wanted to visit the ‘Lotus Temple’ because of its unique premise. It had no statues or signs of any Gods anywhere, so I was perplexed. “Is it a Hindu or Buddhist temple?” I asked my guide, and he said it was neither. It’s a place that was built to honor the equality of all religions so everyone was welcome to spend a moment of solitude or prayer.

I thought it was a lovely reminder that despite coming from different walks of life we should celebrate our differences.

Source: Jojo Struys’ Official Website
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