Restore with
Westin Heavenly® Bed

There’s nothing like deep, restorative sleep on our world-renowned Westin Heavenly Bed, so you can meet the challenges of your day head on.

Every Heavenly Bed detail is designed to promote superior slumber – from the down duvets to the custom pillow-top mattress.

Eat Your Way to a Restful Recovery

Eating right can have a significantly positive effect on your sleep.

Recommended by SuperFoodsRx™ experts, the Westin Sleep Well Menu offers snacks and herbal teas packed with vitamins and minerals like Magnesium and Potassium to promote rest and recovery.

Roll into Slumber with the Westin Sleep Balm

Lavender essential oil is proven to help enhance the restful sleep phase.

Westin introduces the Sleep Balm*, an aromatherapy blend encased in a convenient roller that soothes the senses. Apply Sleep Balm to your pulse points before bedtime to encourage restful slumber.

*Available soon.

Better Your Sleep with
Westin Well-Being Advocates

Regional TV host, wellness speaker and Westin Well-Being Advocate
Rachael Finch
Certified health coach, model, TV presenter and Westin Well-Being Advocate
  • 1 Let Your Mind Unwind
    Avoid emails or talking about work before bedtime. Your bed should be associated with sleep and relaxation.
  • 2 Bedtime Sanctuary
    Make your room conducive for relaxation. Use dim mood lighting or play soothing music to get yourself into the right space to wind down and disconnect from your day.
  • 3 Relaxation Tracks
    Discover a new dimension of well-being with Jojo’s guided relaxation. Each of these tracks will leave you feeling better than when you started.
  • 1 Magnesium For Sleep
    Try magnesium as a natural ingredient to promote restful sleep patterns. It also calms your nerves and muscles.
  • 2 Calming Chamomile
    Sip chamomile tea—from about 30 minutes after dinner until an hour before bed.
  • 3 Aromatherapy for Sleep
    Apply lavender oil to your pulse point to induce slumber. Studies have shown that inhaling lavender produces soothing and sedative effects.
  • 1 Cotton For Comfort
    I’ll go for cotton over satin bedsheets – cotton draws moisture away and allows for air to circulate. On travel, I stay rested with Westin’s Heavenly Bed® and its signature ten-layer comfort.
  • 2 Bedtime Exercise
    Prop your legs up against the wall while lying down on your bed. This ‘legs-up-the-wall’ pose can help put my active mind at ease before bedtime.
  • 3 The Right Pillow
    If you’re a side sleeper, go with a firm pillow for maximum neck support. Medium pillows suit back sleepers, while front sleepers would do well with a soft pillow to ease strain on the neck.

Westin uncovers the average Australian’s
sleeping habits in this comprehensive sleep survey.

Australians are not getting enough quality sleep and those in relationships are suffering the most, Westin Hotels & Resorts has discovered.
  • Solitary Bliss

    Over half (52%) of Australians in a relationship sleep better when their partner is not in bed.


    Almost everyone (94%) finds that quality sleep helps them foster a good relationship with their partners.

  • Only One In Four

    Australians is achieving 8 hours sleep a night

  • Only 6%

    of Australians said that they always get enough sleep to feel at their best.
  • On average Australians get

    6.5 Hours

    of sleep a night
  • Comfort Is Key

    23% of those surveyed said that either an uncomfortable bed or pillow has kept them awake at night.
  • Australians get less sleep with age

    above average 6.8 hours


    above average 6.8 hours

    Baby Boomers

“Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream."

Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. This includes coffee, tea and many sodas, as well as chocolate.
If you are in the habit of taking siestas, do not exceed 45 minutes of daytime sleep.
Exercise regularly, but not right before bed.
For more tips by the World Sleep Society, click here.
Power up your day with this Power Boost blend by certified health coach Rachael Finch
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